Growing up as a “Gay Male” before transitioning into a, “Trans Woman”.

Growing up as a “Gay Male” before transitioning into a, “Trans Woman”

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Always Wondered

Growing up as a “Gay Male” before transitioning into a, “Trans Woman”. I wondered how was it for other “Gay Males” coming out. What were their journey like? So I decided to hit the streets an interview a few individuals. But only one stood out to me, I felt not only was this young talented mans journey was different, but he had to some chains of events that were the same.

I felt that other individuals can relate to it. Being in today’s generation coming out is way different than coming out back in my day as far as the late 80’s an 90’s. I feel we in the, “LGBT Community” we couldn’t be as open as we are now. It was so much harder to be yourself. Where now I feel that we’ve crossed over so many barriers an now we have so many doors open for us as a community that we didn’t have then. But though we still haven’t completely won the battle of full acceptance in America today.

Meet Devin McCowan or Devin DMC.

I’m 27 and I’m from Sacramento, CA
My coming out story probably wasnt as traditional as most and you can stay it’s still not over. I came out to my crush second semester of college. I finally worked up the courage to tell him how I felt and thank god he felt the same way. After that I came out to my close friends and then to my cousins.

Growing up I was always the “dorky guy” a lot of my social life remained in school and when not at school it was with my brother and cousins. I honestly never really seemed to 100% fit in with anyone. Too black for the kids at school and too “white washed” for the kids from the streets. It wasn’t until junior year of high school I’d say when I started blossoming into my own skin and personality. Remaining the same dorky kid that loved dinosaurs and Spongebob (till this day)

I still haven’t fully came out to my whole family. I know they know we just have yet to have “the talk”. When I was younger right as I got out of high school I had a friend stay the night because he was locked out of his house. And my mom had a full on episode over it. Claiming we were gay for sharing a room (even though he slept on the floor) and yelling and crying and making a scene. Ever since then it kind of made me just… idk I guess keep to myself. If that’s how she acted over a harmless friend crashing on the floor of my room, who knew how’d she act if I brought home a boyfriend.

Los Angeles was always the goal and dream. Before I started dancing I was a theater kid and I’m school for film and TV studies. So I knew I’d move to LA eventually.

How is it? It’s fine to me honestly lol. I guess there’s this stereotype or certain image that all gay male dancers are “queens” or only twerk, Vogue, or waack. It doesn’t bother me honestly cause dance is fun, PERIOD, and I love being knowledge in many styles and a versatile dancer.

My goal is to be a signed professional dancer and to perform with Lady Gaga and of course other artists. And I plan to go back to school for film to screen write and direct and act.
My peers inspire me. I love seeing my friends succeed in life it definitely inspires me to push myself harder. And without sounding cliche I inspire myself.

CHIIIIILD. I can write a book about dating in the gay community and how it’s corrupted and just down right… tragic. Dating for me personally hasn’t been the greatest. It’s hard to find genuine, honest and unique guys out there. Especially in LA you find yourself running into a lot of fake people. Everyone is only looking to hook up, everyone’s already slept with each other, or everyone’s on drugs. Hopefully the dating scene for me gets better and hopefully I find someone worth the headaches that these boys give me! And hopefully I stop looking in the wrong places.

My advice!? Be yourself. Stay original. Don’t follow the norms of the “community”. We need more strong role models for gay men. You don’t have to be a go go dancer or adult entertainer to be wanted or accepted. Stay away from drugs. Use condoms. Stay healthy. And let’s work towards changing this community for the better.

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