How To Keep and Maintain A Long Distance Relationship

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When it comes to dating or falling for someone, we can’t help who we choose to love. There are things in life that are just out of our hands. Meeting someone used to be two people bumping into each other on the streets, at a bar or meeting in school and falling for each other. But now, with social media taking over and so many dating apps out there, we could meet someone with just one swipe. We’ve come a long way in the dating world. Maybe you met your boyfriend online and now you find yourself in a long distance relationship trying to find ways to make it work. Here are some helpful tips to help get you through it.

1. Morning Text/ Phone Calls

Sending a text or a voice audio message in the morning, not only makes him feel special, but you get to be the first person to put a smile on his face. Be the reason he smiles, laughs and starts off the day GREAT!

2. Be Open and Free To Speak To Him

If you’re having a good or bad day, let him know how you are feeling. Talking about it to him can help you heal and see things clear. It’s not about him saying the right thing to you, it’s about him listening and being there for you in that time of need. Big or small. Open yourself to him.

3. Be Honest, Be Kind, Have Patience

When two people are in love it’s understandable that they want to see each other often. But living in different cities, states or a different country makes it a little harder to do so. You’ll face some issues along the way. You might miss him so much that you feel that you can’t take it anymore, being honest and kind while you both are going through this tiff is the main factor. A long-distance relationship can take a big toll on you both. When having an argument or disagreement it’s important to watch what you say, keep in mind that at the end of the day you can’t kiss him, hold him, look into his eyes and tell him everything is going to be okay. It’s what you say that is going to help you both build something together. Use your words to bring you both together. Have patience with each other and know that just because you get into a fight, that doesn’t mean it’s a breakup.

4. Be Respectful On Social Media

Who doesn’t love social media? It’s a fun tool we all love and enjoy using for personal and business purposes. Maybe you both even met on social media. Think about the things you post before posting them. Remember, you’re not single anymore. Posting photos of half naked guys that you wish you could sleep with can cause problems, fast! You shouldn’t be talking to guys that you once liked or had a crush on. If this is the guy you truly love and want to have a life with, you shouldn’t have any side guys. Don’t crave for “Likes” or comments on social media. Don’t post your fights or tiffs on any social media platforms. You’ll need to have boundaries.

5. Never Fight For His Attention

We’ve all been hurt and broken before. We know when we’re fighting for someone’s attention. For your relationship to grow, you both need to be in this. Not just one of you. You’ll both need to put in the time and energy to make it work. Being in love is one of the greatest gifts one can have. Don’t waste any time with someone who’s second guessing if “is this gonna work?” No one ever knows if it’s going to work. But if two people truly love each other, they will work through anything that comes their way.

6. Support and Be There For Him

Support and be there for his dreams, goals, his fears, and even his struggles. Never speak down to him. Never judge his past. Understand his past, be there for his present, motivate his future. Never tell him to do something that he doesn’t want to do. Inspire him with your words and actions you do.

7.Working As A Team

Work as a team to help each other grow. Talk to one and other. When something is upsetting you, don’t hold it in. Say it. Nothing is best left unsaid. To get to where you both need to go, you have to have an open line of communication.

8. Keeping Your Jealousy Under Control

Wanting to control your partner’s actions can backfire. When people feel as though their freedom to do what they want is being threatened, they’ll cling to that threatened freedom more. Recognize your jealousy and talk to him about what’s making you feel that way. You’ll need to manage your emotions healthfully. Don’t check on his social media daily to see if he added any new friends, or “Liked” any new pictures.
It’s understandable that at times you might get jealous. We all could say that we never get jealous, but let’s be real. It happens to all of us, and that’s okay. We’re human. But it’s how we react that really matters. Don’t let it get the best of you or of your relationship. Don’t lose a good thing because of jealousy.

9. Setting Relationship Goals

Setting goals lets you know where the relationship is going. Plan out goals for you both. Whatever they might be. Write them out and reach them together. Maybe you both are planning on moving in together, set a date and budget. Maybe you both want to get married. Having goals is a great way to help you plan for a future and start planning financially.

10. Never Bring The Past  Into The Present

both will eventually talk about the ex-boyfriends. Just don’t cross that line. Respect it. There’s a reason why the people from the past are not in your future.We all come from some sort of past. It’s the past that has shown us who we are and what we want in life. It’s open our eyes to something new. Regardless, if you’ve been broken in the past, going into a new relationship, you are letting that person know that you’re ready. Ready to love and be loved like never before. Don’t ever make the new guy pay for what your ex-boyfriend did. Bringing up the past and always talking about your ex-boyfriend can eventually make you single again.

11. Plan A Trip To See Him

It’s the small things that matter and go a long way that will make a relationship work. Plan a trip or a weekend getaway to go see him. Have him take a few days off work so you both could spend some well-needed time together.

12. To The Moon and Back, I Love You
Love is an amazing thing and is also an adventure. But, it’s not just about love, rainbows, kisses and that warm feeling you have for each other. You both have to work at it. At times you might even feel like giving up. That’s when you need to go out for a walk or run. Cool off before saying what you think you feel. When you love someone with all you have, they’re always worth the time.
Dilemmas will always come your way, good and the bad. That’s just the way life goes. You can’t take one and not the other. Those moments that we go through and critical conversations we have will only make us stronger in the end. If the light in your hearts is truly bright enough, it will break and shine through any darkness that comes your way.

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