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Woman Empowerment An Acknowledgement

OSTARA is an offering to the Goddess, the Queens, the Mothers, and the Bad Bitches. It’s a jewelry lifestyle brand with Soul. Ritual in Adornment, Astrology, and Women’s Empowerment coaching and courses all culminate within this divine cosmic realm. My name is Brittany Grace, owner and designer of OSTARA. I created this brand…well, this brand really created itself with the purpose of making talismans that would speak to the soul of each of its wearers. Each of my designs uses symbols and components that are infused with meaning – astrological and earthly. Some are more steeped in esoteric/cosmic wisdom and… Keep Reading

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Just A Secret

Why is it that we as trans feel like we’re a secret? Why do we feel as if sometimes we must be silent? Do we have a voice? Why when using our voice or opinions we’re not heard? But the thing that gets me is when It comes to relationships an friendships why aren’t we treated the same? I feel we as trans look for love an acceptance sometimes from anywhere possible. Which brings me to my question. Why is it that most men feel we are a fetish? Have we put that perspective on ourselves? Have we open that… Keep Reading

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Just The Tip

For Years we’ve been fighting this disease this virus which we call, “H.I.V”. Which is killing most of our, L.G.B.T Community. If it’s not from the hands from gay bashing or malicious heterosexuals. Though scientists created an prevention medication. But still no cure. I say all that to say this. When will we have more programs an services to offer to not only our, L.G.B.T Youth, but our L.G.B.T Community? Or the question I have for our, L.G.B.T. When will we take responsibility for our choices? An what I mean by that is, always wearing protection, keeping up with your… Keep Reading

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Tired Of Compromising

I feel that not only are we in an crazy time in the world right now. We still aren’t fully over the revolution of being fully accepted in our own, “L.G.B.T Community”. I feel personally as a, Androgynous Trans, that we in the trans community are at the bottom of the list. No matter how many barriers we break an how many doors we open. I’m personally tired of always planning out if I should go to the restroom before leaving my house, because I don’t want to be in a situation of compromising with the, “Cis Woman” Wether it’s… Keep Reading

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Acknowledgement & Highlight

Through the storm there is a light, even through the pandemic. 30yo Zeke Titus, talks about his journey an obstacles as an Gay Handsome Plus Size Indudtry Dancer. An shares a few ins an outs. I feel it’s important right now shed some light an acknowledge those who still striving an thriving in, L.G.B.T Community right now. Even though we’re going through a crazy time! I feel right now is a time to not only stick together but to empower each other. It’s a time to uplift each other. No matter sexual preference or color. Weight shouldn’t be an issue,… Keep Reading

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Pandemic To Chaos by Lala

Pandemic To Chaos by Lala  Instagram: official_lala_baby_ I feel right now in the world we’re at our lowest. From fighting Covid-19, an trying to find a cure. Shutting down businesses an losing jobs an thousands of our American sick an laying a lot to rest. An just when we finally thought we as the people were overcoming it an reopening. We were wrong, we ended up taken a few steps back. With protesting for justice, an stopping police brutality, an killing of so many men an woman because the color of their skin or just being an Minority in general.… Keep Reading

George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police
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Murder By Police and The American Outrage By Amelia A. Davis

George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police on the evening of Memorial Day, 2020 with four officers present, two of the police officers were using physical force to “restrain” Mr. Floyd to the ground and one was kneeling on his neck for nearly 9 minutes, ultimately leading to strangulation and asphyxiation that killed him in broad daylight. Several witnesses recorded the murder on cell phones while George Floyd begged for his life saying through a strained voice, “I CAN’T BREATHE!” The recorded video sparked fury across communities in the city of Minneapolis leading to an uprising of the people vs.… Keep Reading

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Pandemic Scare or What?

Recently our favorite Bravo host, Andy Cohen was recently tested positive for the Covib19. Amazingly he recovered an overcame it. But the fight for him wasn’t over. Many Researchers an Doctors are currently testing blood plasma from recovered Covid19 patients to find a cure an antibody. The Bravo host offer to donate his blood Plasma. But FDA guidelines currently prevent men from donating blood plasma if they’ve had sex with another man in the past three months. “What?” I would think at a time like this we would want to come together no matter what your Sexual Orientation is. I… Keep Reading

Growing up as a “Gay Male” before transitioning into a, “Trans Woman”.
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Growing up as a “Gay Male” before transitioning into a, “Trans Woman”

Always Wondered Growing up as a “Gay Male” before transitioning into a, “Trans Woman”. I wondered how was it for other “Gay Males” coming out. What were their journey like? So I decided to hit the streets an interview a few individuals. But only one stood out to me, I felt not only was this young talented mans journey was different, but he had to some chains of events that were the same. I felt that other individuals can relate to it. Being in today’s generation coming out is way different than coming out back in my day as far… Keep Reading

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Trans Parent

I was once used to being treated as a equal, Some Would Call It Normal “Gay Male”. But inside I would feel completely different, like I wasn’t whole. I used to tell my parents an myself I’m missing something, but don’t know what it is. I would feel like as if I wasn’t myself completely. But I would just leave it in the my head. As the years went on I would notice how uncomfortable I felt inside. I would always relate more to women than men. I never felt like One of the men. I always understood women, not… Keep Reading

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