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District 4-Members of Ground Zero-An Interview with Dan Pena

Everyone understands that working hard, discipline, and networking are major components to succeeding. There is lots of basic advice offered for aspiring moguls, entrepreneurs, and wannabe millionaires. This article is not that, in fact it will do its best to get you as the reader to understand that you may not want what you are asking for; to be successful-truly. Let’s be honest for a moment, most people when they say I want to be “famous” “rich” “own my own business” Or “Self-made” are not really asking for those things. What they are really saying is I want enough money… Keep Reading

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Raif Derrazi Shares His Experience Living With HIV

Raif Derrazi has created a lane of his own by truly embracing his identity and taking on every obstacle in his path head first, inspiring and motivating so many people along the way. As an award-winning body-builder, he never misses an opportunity to take his shirt off but there is so much more to his story than his impeccable physique, he is HIV+ and has become an advocate for educating the public about HIV/AIDS awareness and information. He speaks about breaking stigmas and living his best life by fully exposing his personal experiences to share with the world. I was… Keep Reading

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Interview District 4-Follow up David Ryu

When District 4 began it really took off, a lot of the reason why is because we introduced the riveting section with an interview introducing a great Councilman. We promised to continue that interview and here it is, as District 4 presents the follow up; an interview with Councilman David Ryu. We began the interview with the question of homelessness. Understanding that Los Angeles is one of the homeless capitals in America despite the efforts of non-profits like Community Nest Foundation (CNF) and PATH (just to name a few) the homeless epidemic this year was on the rise. We asked… Keep Reading

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District 4 Presents Back Lot- Strategies for Future Hollywood Moguls

When you look at the “entertainment business” you often see the directors, producers, and stars getting all of the glory in Hollywood. However, it is actually the studio moguls and head executives that really run the business for the entertainers. This is an article for the striver, that person that has stars in their eyes believing that show business is all about the show. Many have come to Hollywood seeking a creative outlet, fame and fortune but before long (sometimes even long after one achieves their intended goal of being a well-known in their chosen career) one realizes that however… Keep Reading

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SaMo Pride 2019: Santa Monica’s First Premiere LGBTQ+ Pride Celebration

Join the experience with The LGBT Sentinel while we celebrate Santa Monica’s premiere LGBTQ+ PRIDE’s month-long calendar of events which began June 1, 2019. The city of Los Angeles has always been a pioneering community in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender-inclusive heritage festivities by being first to ring in celebrations such as the first ever PRIDE parade and the continuous fight for the human civil rights of LGBT+ citizens. The City of Los Angeles Office of Historic Resources (OHR) released America’s first LGBT Historic Context Statement through Survey LA which gives an in-depth description of the history of our LGBT… Keep Reading

The Gender Identification Flags You Should Know About For Pride Season!

How many gender pride and identification flags do you know about? The ‘complete’ guides to queer pride flags on the internet do little to recognize the multiplicity of gender identities and their respective flags. So, this pride season we thought we would share some flags you don’t see everyday! We have seen transgender, agender, non-binary, genderqueer and genderfluid flags before – but what about the others? Some of you may be thinking- there are more? The simple answer is yes- a lot more. With more gender identities gaining visibility under the transgender and non-binary umbrella, this guide highlights some lesser… Keep Reading

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District 4 Interview with Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones, a name synonymous with successful, is the owner of “America’s Team”, the Dallas Cowboys. As a franchise the team and its cheerleaders bring ratings increases to every television station all over the globe. Moreover, the owner brought billionsof dollars to the National Football League. Personally, Jerry has an estimated worth of 7.0 Billion (yes with a B) dollars as of the year 2018. On the other hand, Dean Spanos is the opposite, and with the continuing lack luster running of the Chargers’ Franchise due to what appears to be a series of bad or incomplete decisions, the comparison… Keep Reading


Ever wondered what star sign your favorite queer digital influencer is and how you relate to them? Look no further! Here are the twelve star signs represented by queer and trans activists you need to know about. This information is obviously not backed up by scientific evidence. Just have fun with it. After all what is queerness without a pinch of astrology thrown in for good measure?   AQUARIUS (January 20- February 18) ASH HARDELL “Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey!” You are the most woke sign of the zodiac dear Aquarius and it shows. Ash Hardell, a queer and trans… Keep Reading

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Am I a slut? An interview with Amber Rose

Does taking “ownership” of a word lessen its impact or is doing so simply another version of the inferiority complex that plagues the person who is being assaulted by the said “offensive” word? Ponder that question as District 4 presents-Am I a slut? An interview with Amber Rose: We open this interview with a mini tour of Ambers house, she points out her favorite photos on the wall as she gives a little back story to where and why each photo was taken, before ending at a lounge like area to sit and be interviewed (she stares with a great… Keep Reading

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District 4 Jay Shetty

Welcome back to District 4, we take a break from our introductory interview with councilman David Ryu and move forward for an interview with a man who is often identified as the “millineol monk”. District 4 presents an interview with Jay Shetty: If you follow the trends of the day you will subscribe to the ideal that there are many roads to happiness and they all lead to fancy cars, big homes, a posse, designer clothes, a great body, relationships that you do- not have to work at, and kids (if you bother) that will “eventually” be raised. In the… Keep Reading

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