Pandemic Scare or What?

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Recently our favorite Bravo host, Andy Cohen was recently tested positive for the Covib19. Amazingly he recovered an overcame it. But the fight for him wasn’t over. Many Researchers an Doctors are currently testing blood plasma from recovered Covid19 patients to find a cure an antibody. The Bravo host offer to donate his blood Plasma. But FDA guidelines currently prevent men from donating blood plasma if they’ve had sex with another man in the past three months.


I would think at a time like this we would want to come together no matter what your Sexual Orientation is. I feel this this should be a time to find a way to finally get rid of this virus and come together. The Bravo TV Host said “I understand the concerns about gay men being a higher risk for carrying HIV, but there are HIV tests that can be administrated in 20 minutes. So I could go, I could take an HIV test, they could tell me in 20 minutes, and they then retest your blood from what I understand. They do another HIV test of your blood,” Cohen said. “There could be sexually promiscuous heterosexuals who’ve had plenty of sex in the last three months who can go in no questions asked and give blood,” he said. “I think that the plasma in my body can absolutely help someone or possibly cure someone.”

Now I agree with the Bravo TV Host, he hit it on the nob. Now the FDA guidance “Revised Recommendations for Reducing the Risk of HIV Transmission by Blood and Blood Products” states, “Defer for 12 months from the most recent sexual contact, a man who has had sex with another man during the past 12 months.” All U.S. blood collection organizations need to adhere to this federal requirement

.” What is plasma”? Convalescent plasma is the liquid portion of blood taken from survivor of a diseases that is rich in antibodies. Precious for people sick with Covid-19, Doctors hope using it can speed up recovery for the sickest people. Plasma Donors have to confirm they had Covid-19 an fully recovered. That means having documentation of a positive test, which can be difficult since theres limited access to testing across the country. They also need to either be 14 days from their last symptoms and have negative covid-19 test or 28 days from their last symptoms no negative test is required.

When will we get through this pandemic? An will there ever be a cure? Or What?

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