Queer Eye & Spotify bring you 5 Pride month playlists

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Pride month is here, and what would our pre-march breakfasts, street parades, and late night parties be without great beats? Spotify is no stranger to the unifying power of music and has been running a special Pride section chock full of queer anthems, artists, allys, and podcasts since 2016.

This year, in honour of Pride month and the launch of Queer Eye’s second season on Netflix (happening June 15th!), Spotify and the Fab Five have collaborated on five Queer Eye Pride playlists!

Every queer person has their own intimate selection of songs that have gotten them through the highs and the lows of discovering and living as their authentic selves, and the Queer Eye boys are ready to share theirs with you.

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Want to know which of the Fab Five you listen like? The answer is just a few clicks away, but in the meantime here’s a little preview:

Tan: Tan’s playlist is a blend of dreamy electro and RnB, with some Bollywood flavour and diva power thrown in for good measure.

Karamo: I dare you to listen to this playlist and not break out a few moves. Karamo’s playlist is the stuff of pumping Pride dancefloors!

Jonathan: Need some queer power anthems coursing through your veins to lift your spirits? Look no further – Jonathan’s playlist is an iconic diva wonderland!

Bobby: Bobby loves his female vocals, and while his playlist starts on a poignant note with the song that helped him get through coming out, this playlist is without a doubt an upbeat party starter!

Antoni: Antoni’s playlist has some riot grrrl vibes going on with its strong 80’s leanings and queer female artists like Le Tigre and Tegan and Sara.

Pride month is a time for loving all of yourself, and as Bobby Berk says, “Even if you’re not ready to live at your full volume, turn it up halfway and get there!”

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