A Short History on Trans Rights by Laverne Cox

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Best known by her role on Netflix’s Orange is The New Black, Laverne Cox has become a pioneer voice as a transwoman in the LGBT community. Cox has teamed up with the ACLU, producer of Transparent, Zackary Drucker, Molly Crabapple, and Kim Boekbinder to create a short film showcasing the journey of trans history. While gay rights have been touched upon a lot in the last few decades, the story behind transgender rights is not as well known.

In a short 4 minutes, the video guides you through the progression of transgender inclusiveness. Starting from the first riot and ending on the latest Supreme Court battle, this mini chronological film will inform the uneducated and refresh the memories of those who may be in the LGBT community themselves. It is a great resource that summarizes all of the struggles that have taken place throughout the years, and it is beautifully illustrated.

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