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WeHo Halloween: World’s Largest Carnival

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Home to the largest Halloween carnival in the world, West Hollywood’s notorious festival draws in crowds of over half a million people each year and counting. This event has been taking place since 1987, just 3 years after West Hollywood was officially incorporated as its own city. It remains the city’s largest and most inclusive LGBTQ event. A pioneer of LGBTQ rights, West Hollywood (WeHo as known locally) delivers one of the most diverse events of the year. Located on a part of the historic Route 66, people come together and take to the streets to express themselves and mingle…

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October: Coming Out

in Opinion

Coming out of the closet is probably the biggest step in any LGBT individual’s life. For many, it is a freeing feeling that they have desired for a long time, and some may not believe they will ever get there. No matter what you decide to do, it is important to keep in mind that coming out is YOUR decision and nobody else’s. You need to do it at a time in your life and with people that make you comfortable. Do not ever feel pressured to come out if you feel you are not ready. For those of you…

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Shamir 2017

in Entertainment & LifeStyle

On November 3rd, Shamir will drop his 3rd studio album. Entitled Revelations, the record will be the 22-year-old artist’s first with the Father/Daughter label. The drop is coming just 7 months after Shamir’s second album, Hope, which was self-released on Soundcloud in April of this year. For every record purchased, Shamir will donate a dollar to the Mental Health Association of PA. Shamir holds an entirely unique presence in the music industry, and his nonbinary gender identity and androgynous voice have made him a staple in the LGBTQ+ music scene. He’s released one single off the new album so far,…

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Biphobia: It Happens Here Too

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We all know what homophobia, the dislike and non acceptance of the gay and lesbian communities, looks like; hate crimes, discrimination in work, marriage, health care, adoption, etc. But one secret of the LGBT community that is rarely discussed among heterosexuals and homosexuals alike is biphobia, the dislike and non acceptance of the bisexual community. Some define “bisexual” as the attraction to both men and women, while some simply label it as an attraction to multiple sexes or genders. Either way, it is no secret, or it should not be a secret, that biphobia has a strong place in the…

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Bryan Fuller: Outfest 2017 Opening Night

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Bryan Fuller was honored last night at the opening night of Outfest for his work. Watch Zachary Quinto deliver an inspiring intro of Fuller below:  Fuller  has worked on  shows like “Dead Like Me,” “Wonderfalls,” “Pushing Daisies,” “Hannibal” and most recently “American Gods,” Fuller’s stories push boundaries and present characters that feel modern and transgressive, not only because so many are LGBTQ but also because they live and love and behave and react in a way that their TV antecedents would never have dared. Fuller’s Speech:

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White Pridefest: Let’s Do Better

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In July of last year, Black Lives Matter protesters staged a sit-in at the Toronto Pride parade. The protesters provided Toronto Pride organizers with a list of demands. These included the facilitation of space and opportunities for Black Queer Youth, prioritized hiring for queer people of color, and the removal of police floats from marches and parades. Toronto Prideagreed to the requests, and the parade resumed. There’s a lot we can learn from this successful intervention staged by BLM. Thanks to activists of color, the queer community has gained some awareness of how racially exclusive our spaces can be. Pride celebrations across the country are a great…

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Queerness, Self-Love, and Tamagotchis

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Living as a queer person in a heteronormative society takes a lot of guts. It’s not easy to exist in an identity that doesn’t fit with the norms of our culture. It also takes a whole lot of self-love. It’s no surprise that rates of suicide are still markedly higher in LGBTQIA+ youth than they are in the general population. As it is with any difference, those who don’t fit into the “in-group” suffer concrete psychological consequences. While we all know that this is a problem with our culture and not our identities, we also know that we can’t expect…

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