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Disney Hit Shows Love For Same-Sex Families

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Doc McStuffins, the ongoing Disney series focuses on character Dottie McStuffins who cares for her stuffed animals in her playroom doctor’s office. The show first aired in 2012 and has continued to stay relevant not only for its content, but also for its creator. Chris Nee, creator, has spoken out about how she wanted to make a show with accepting and open-minded characters. In doing so, this progressive series will expand the “norms” of what children are being exposed to on television. As a mother to a son with two moms, Nee believes that this is a major part of…

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Coming Out To The Teacher: 5 Tips To Navigate This Process Each Year

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Depending on your own personality, you may prefer to start “bigger.” If your child will be in this school for a period of time, like kindergarten through fifth grade, it can help to start with the people that will not change, compared to teachers who will rotate every year. Of course, staff can leave, but starting with the principal, counselor or other higher management advocate can assist you in helping approach your child’s teacher and help you build longer lasting relationships.                                      …

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Why Marriage Equality Still Does Not Equal Parent Equality

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If I had written this article a year ago, the premise likely would have been different. I still would have talked about the legal need for second parent adoptions, but it would have been written with an air of “but of course we can all hope that this will be unnecessary in the future as clearly we are moving towards equality in all aspects”. Today, I write instead with more of a pressured focus to educate parents that I wouldn’t assume anything. There is continuing case for second parent adoptions. Same sex partners are still finding themselves in an odd…

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