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Shamir 2017

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On November 3rd, Shamir will drop his 3rd studio album. Entitled Revelations, the record will be the 22-year-old artist’s first with the Father/Daughter label. The drop is coming just 7 months after Shamir’s second album, Hope, which was self-released on Soundcloud in April of this year. For every record purchased, Shamir will donate a dollar to the Mental Health Association of PA. Shamir holds an entirely unique presence in the music industry, and his nonbinary gender identity and androgynous voice have made him a staple in the LGBTQ+ music scene. He’s released one single off the new album so far,…

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A Place For Everyone: Gaining Visibility With The Help Of Frank Ocean

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Although Frank Ocean has avoided labelling his sexuality, his music is an antidote to the bisexual invisibility that is part of our culture. In recent years, the idea of bi invisibility has gained some ground in LGBTQ discourse. Bi invisibility/ bi erasure describes the tendency for people who are attracted to more than one gender to experience less understanding and support from their communities. Self-identified “B”s are the biggest population within the LGBTQ community, but you wouldn’t know it from the way their identities are represented in our culture. Exclusion from queer spaces like Pridefest, underrepresentation in the media and…

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