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Biphobia: It Happens Here Too

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We all know what homophobia, the dislike and non acceptance of the gay and lesbian communities, looks like; hate crimes, discrimination in work, marriage, health care, adoption, etc. But one secret of the LGBT community that is rarely discussed among heterosexuals and homosexuals alike is biphobia, the dislike and non acceptance of the bisexual community. Some define “bisexual” as the attraction to both men and women, while some simply label it as an attraction to multiple sexes or genders. Either way, it is no secret, or it should not be a secret, that biphobia has a strong place in the…

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Thought Of The Day: Lesbian Culture, Not Category

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In the struggle of self-identity and expression, realizing that you are unique, and that your sexuality leans a different direction than the majority is something all lesbians have probably experienced. Coming out and realizing who you love is a wonderful, sometimes scary, process. There is likely going to be a fear of judgement, not knowing who to turn to, being unsure of who to trust, and being hesitant to fully embrace the person that you are. This experience can apply to anyone who decides to take the brave step of coming out, all walks of life included. The reactions will…

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The Carnival Of Pride

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Pride month hasn’t always been cool. In the beginning it was a riot, led by people who struggled to survive at the margins of society. Radical queer leaders, particularly people of color and trans people, still have to wrestle their way through barriers in healthcare, education, the justice system, and every other major axis of life. But half a century since Stonewall, Pride has become profitable enough that corporations like Chrysler, Wells Fargo, and American Express sponsor parades and festivals. It’s hard to miss the irony of the corporate one percent benefiting from the culture queer people have built. While…

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Queerness, Self-Love, and Tamagotchis

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Living as a queer person in a heteronormative society takes a lot of guts. It’s not easy to exist in an identity that doesn’t fit with the norms of our culture. It also takes a whole lot of self-love. It’s no surprise that rates of suicide are still markedly higher in LGBTQIA+ youth than they are in the general population. As it is with any difference, those who don’t fit into the “in-group” suffer concrete psychological consequences. While we all know that this is a problem with our culture and not our identities, we also know that we can’t expect…

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A Place For Everyone: Gaining Visibility With The Help Of Frank Ocean

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Although Frank Ocean has avoided labelling his sexuality, his music is an antidote to the bisexual invisibility that is part of our culture. In recent years, the idea of bi invisibility has gained some ground in LGBTQ discourse. Bi invisibility/ bi erasure describes the tendency for people who are attracted to more than one gender to experience less understanding and support from their communities. Self-identified “B”s are the biggest population within the LGBTQ community, but you wouldn’t know it from the way their identities are represented in our culture. Exclusion from queer spaces like Pridefest, underrepresentation in the media and…

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Why Marriage Equality Still Does Not Equal Parent Equality

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If I had written this article a year ago, the premise likely would have been different. I still would have talked about the legal need for second parent adoptions, but it would have been written with an air of “but of course we can all hope that this will be unnecessary in the future as clearly we are moving towards equality in all aspects”. Today, I write instead with more of a pressured focus to educate parents that I wouldn’t assume anything. There is continuing case for second parent adoptions. Same sex partners are still finding themselves in an odd…

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