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LGBT Tears Into Trump’s U.N. Speech

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As predicted, LGBT foreign policy experts have weighed in on Donald Trump’s recent U.N. speech – The result is not favorable. During this speech, Trump taunted terrorists, calling them losers. He also denounced “rogue nations” and vowed to “totally destroy North Korea.” Trump stressed the importance of sovereignty from all of the independent nations to lead to ultimate success. He claimed that this would be the basis for cooperation. He also stated that he does not expect other countries to uphold our same cultures, norms, and values. Finding this statement troublesome, LGBT groups fear that this emphasis on sovereignty would…

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A Short History on Trans Rights by Laverne Cox

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Best known by her role on Netflix’s Orange is The New Black, Laverne Cox has become a pioneer voice as a transwoman in the LGBT community. Cox has teamed up with the ACLU, producer of Transparent, Zackary Drucker, Molly Crabapple, and Kim Boekbinder to create a short film showcasing the journey of trans history. While gay rights have been touched upon a lot in the last few decades, the story behind transgender rights is not as well known. In a short 4 minutes, the video guides you through the progression of transgender inclusiveness. Starting from the first riot and ending…

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Top Ten Good Things That Happened in 2016… Really.

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    I know, I know. 2016 has been awful. Not even kind of awful, really awful. Let’s start with all the wonderful people who passed away this year and left the world a colder, much darker place without their presence. Or the record number of transgender people that were murdered this year. Or Brexit, or Trump, or… You know what, let’s not go there right now. There were a few good things that happened this year. At least ten of them. That’s enough good things things to keep you positive as you keep on keepin’ on, or maybe –…

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