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Texas new, Abortion Law, maybe considered to some activists and advocates a great idea. But what about the rest of the people? What about the victims of Rape? What about the victims of Incest? Are we not socially aware? Are we mindless? Maybe a little careless to not think about these acts of events when it comes to this new Law?
From: NPR.Org
 DALLAS — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on
 Tuesday defended a new state law banning
 most abortions that also does not provide
 exceptions for cases of rape or incest, saying
 it does not force victims to give birth even
 though it prohibits abortions before some
 women know they’re pregnant.
Abortion restrictions: SB 8 prohibits abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy. In lieu of government enforcement, private individuals can sue abortion providers or people who assist abortion after an ultrasound can detect what lawmakers defined as a fetal heartbeat. Embryos at this developmental stage don’t possess a heart. Medical and legal experts say the sound Republican lawmakers are referring to is the motion of electrical pulses stimulating muscle cells in a tube that will eventually become part of the heart.
 Abortion providers are suing to block the law. Additionally, HB 1280 would outlaw abortion in Texas 30 days after any potential U.S. Supreme Court decision overturns Roe v. Wade.
According to the, TexasTribune.Org
“In less than two days, Texas politicians will have effectively overturned Roe v. Wade,” Nancy Northup, president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights, said in a statement Monday. “We have filed an emergency motion in the Supreme Court to block this law before clinics are forced to turn patients away. Patients will have to travel out of state – in the middle of a pandemic – to
 receive constitutionally guaranteed healthcare. And many will not have the means to do so. It’s cruel, unconscionable, and unlawful.”
Alexis McGill Johnson, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, echoed Northup’s statements and said her organization would exhaust every avenue to fight the law from coming into effect.
“The harm this law will cause will be insurmountable for far too many Texans, particularly Black, Latino, Indigenous people, those with low incomes, and Texans in rural areas who already face significant barriers to care,” Johnson said in a statement. “We are asking the Supreme
 Court to uphold fifty years of precedent and ensure Texans won’t be denied their constitutional right to abortion.”
“Whoa”. Here’s my thoughts. Who are we as people to take the rights away from Women an Victims? Who are we not to give Victims An Women the options what to do with their bodies? Yet, I do understand that in some ways we are destroying a life that was built an made inside. But what we have to understand that some lives weren’t planned, sometimes Victims didn’t have a decision, choice, option. So who are we to keep them confined an caring on not only a horrific memory but to carry a life that came along
 with it? But hey, that’s just coming from a “Rape Victim” like myself.

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