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But by the grace of God I am what I am.

-1 Corinthians 15:10

In The Miseducation of Cameron Post ,Cameron in summer of 93’ an 11th grade protagonist meets others like her at a questionable camp called Gods Promise in Montana to be ridden of their sins of (SSA) Same Sex Attraction. Finding my own authentic self expression in life was tough when pressure was applied to change or meet other people’s expectations. We place judgment on ourselves then fall victim to outdated traditions and blame ourselves for not getting better. The truth lies inside.

Do not judge, so that you may not be judged. For with the judgment you make you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get.

– Matthew

In this film, directed by Desiree Akhavan, we watch Chloe Moretz as Cameron capture the attention allowing someone to identify with her and themselves. A coming of age film put together articulately to the moment when teens and young adults begin to realize the legitimacy of their own identity and actions. The Miseducation of Cameron Post is an exploration of identity and self acceptance through allowing the audience in on the LGBTQ community life of those fighting for equality and a voice against those serving out the efforts of Gender Conversion Studies to change behaviors or gender expression. A glimpse at ensuring that therapists who are licensed by the state and are providing competent care and are not harming patients.  Before 1973, many mental health organizations inaccurately considered same-sex attraction to be a mental illness. In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association removed “homosexuality” from its official list of mental disorders. Still we face struggles, and with films like these we have hope. With Chloe’s brothers being gay, naturally she’s an advocate for the LGBT community. “It already played a very close, personal place in my heart,” said Moretz.

Close to 700,000 Americans are estimated to have undergone conversion therapy, and that 14 states including The District of Columbia now ban the practice for minors. She also mentioned When you see people weaponize Christianity in this horrifically abusive psycho-manipulation, I think it’s so, so sad and hypocritical because you can’t call yourself a Christian but also try to condition people to hate themselves.” She took time to activate her voice in a beautiful way not like her other successful films she’s in. She’s done an excellent job being true to her authentic self and staying true to the times.


You can blame me

Try to shame me

And still I’ll care for you

– “Anyone Who Knows What Love Is” by Irma Thomas


The excellent selection in music in this film was beautiful. From the original trailer I was inspired to see this film among other things. Opening the film a song is playing called “Anyone who knows what love is” and it was being played in harmony with the imagery. The whole essence of the film intro of the movie and the lyrics to the song was nostalgic connecting me in till the very end. It’s a track from Irma Thomas also used in a couple Black Mirror episodes on Netflix. “The world may think I’m foolish, they can’t see you like I can , oh but anyone who knows what love is will understand.” Who’s at fault for the mistreatment of the youth in these situations of gender conversion therapy? Instead of playing the blame game could it be we just were misguided and uneducated about gender identity and conversion therapy. Taking refuge in scripture and using it out of context? The saying only God can judge can be taken out of context even if it’s not accurate to real scripture due to pop culture. Freedom has a truth and it rings clear to those willing to not feed into sectarianism and judgmental philosophies.

As a youth we don’t always have the access to a real person to communicate ourselves with that can be safe with our truth to then allow us to stand on our own to feet and go forward . We have more to teach our elders than we claim to know. For me, success is in self love and it’s important to be natural sticking to what keeps me elevated and grounded. something greater than me and us that shapes all outcomes. with time all those valuable wisdoms can be introduced to me nothing needs to be forced. We cant know anything without being open for the truth. For others they seem to be shut off to something that can alter their whole life to true happiness. From my experience what holds us back is fear to act when its time. I find myself back seat in observation like Cameron in this movie literally. The one living the broken life and willing to take the wheel at anytime. even the most qualified have failed us, how are we left to feel about ourselves. I have a solution for those awaiting a better judgment in the eyes of their peers the time is upon us to share our truth.

Finding my own authentic self expression in was tough when pressure was applied to change or meet others expectations. we place judgment on ourselves then fall victim to outdated traditions and blame ourselves for not getting better. The truth lies inside. What chains are you bound by? Its the 21st century. 2018. Come on.

Written By Leo Popsin

Photo by : Angela Lewis for The New York Times


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