Will Nightlife Be The Same?

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We live in an generation where concerts, festival an nightlife plays a major role. Will we be able as Americans to go back to hanging out at the bars? Interacting with others?  Meeting up for brunch an meetings?

Or will we still be confined an unable to indulge in the activities that we are normally use to? Well for now that’s the case as Covid-19 increases, more stores an businesses shut down.

Abc NEWS states:  COVID-19 shutdown has left millions of nightlife workers unemployedRestaurants, bars and nightclubs are adjusting to limited or virtual patrons, but some are wary of what the industry might look like when the country is reopened.

But Bar patrons have taken things into their own hands — shaking up cocktails at home, ordering booze from an app, turning up Bluetooth speakers to listen to a virtual DJ on Instagram live, maybe even while Zooming with friends.

But can that ever fully replace elbowing up to a crowded bar, chatting up a bartender and everything else that comes with a night out?

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, with new social distancing requirements and ever-changing, state-by-state safety restrictions, many owners of bars and clubs are waiting with bated breath.

The coveted counter space and tables at Dante — a famously packed, award-winning cocktail bar and restaurant in New York City — quickly shifted to slinging specialty drinks via curbside pickup and delivery until restrictions are eased.

But the staffers are taking service amid the pandemic “one day at a time” until they construct a plan to fully reopen.

But only time can tell.

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