Costa Rica Travel 2016

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Costa Rica is a true travel playground with something for the whole entire family. With a plethora of activities appealing to the true adventurer in you, you could never be disappointed in what this country has to offer. With all that being said, figuring out where to go and what to do is not a simple task. From visiting the volcanoes, to white water rafting to laying on one of the many white sand beaches, there is an activity for everyday of your vacay to appeal to honeymooners or thrill-seekers alike. In order to get a true taste of the culture and what the country has to offer, I would suggest getting real close to their roots, hanging in the areas with the local Ticos but keep in mind: research is key when traveling to any foreign country to ensure safety in the rougher areas. I, for one, have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to live in it. Nearly 11 years ago, my parents decided to up and move from our comfortable California suburban home and move to Costa Rica. It all happened so fast, as my parents have always been the “see it, want it, do it” type. The passports were expedited, my sister and I were withdrawn from our schools and next thing you know, we are on the 3 ½ hour flight that would change our lives as we knew it. Learning the language and Tico lifestyle was something that came with time, but the culture shock came immediately. Waking up every day to birds chirping and light breezes from my cracked window for 3 years, I could not find the right appreciation for the true beauty and simplicity of life that Costa Rican natives partake in everyday back then. Now that I have matured and become a more seasoned traveler and living back in the US, have visited multiple different countries but have never found the same way of life I experienced during the time I spent in Costa Rica. The naturalistic lifestyle is now something I crave. The beauty is something I miss. The pure life, or as the locals would say “pura vida” is what I dream of having again. So what does this all mean to my readers? I mean, I am not here to sell time shares for the country…I am writing to give the people who may not know where to go for their next adventure vacation, the people who may be afraid to venture to new countries and need an extra push, the people who may be looking for their new home. So, give it a try. Visit Costa Rica and see the surprises it has in store for you!

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