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March 11 – May 20, 2017, Los Angeles, CA
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 11, 20177 – 10pm.
Closing: May 20, 2017


‘FIG. 288’: Pop-Up Store
Jai & Jai Gallery is pleased to host ‘FIG. 288’, a pop-store style exhibition by House of ZKA.
‘FIG. 288’, invites us to indulge in the pleasures of an infinite discovery of difference in similarity. Each of the figure variations exhibited at Jai & Jai pop-store is produced through the use of nine designed cutting tools. Arrayed in formation to occupy the length of the gallery floor, with 288 corresponding framed drawings across the walls. Although they are presented all at once, their differences demand singular attention. This isolates them from the collective, and creates a tension between the reading of a heterogeneous collection of individual objects and a homogeneous mass of similarity. In moving through a potentially endless series of objects, the audience is invited to slowly understand the language of the exhibition, creating a build-up of a visual glossary of differences that allows them to start isolating and categorizing the objects into smaller families.

House of ZKA’s intention is neither to impose nor inquire into the conditions of industrial production within art. However, there is a recognition that architectural tools can produce objects that can be viewed as art, concurrently the nature of mass production touches upon the field of commerce, this reengages the gallery goer as both a critic and consumer.

Zaid Kashef Alghata is not an architect posing as an artist or a manufacturer, rather, he is a worker producing unique objects in-mass. His role is that of an architect, creating languages that yield objects of conversation.

As a fun note, all the figures are for sale and the buyer can enjoy a selection of one-off pieces. One can purchase the model on the spot, pluck it from the exhibition and take it home.



House of ZKA is a collection of architectural explorations led by Zaid Kashef Alghata, that started in London and is currently based in Los Angeles. The house attempts to frame its focus towards existing architectural climates.

The constant failure in structured systems has led to an interest in what drives things to failure rather than success. This necessitates an intricate and detailed look at the process of events in order to isolate the trigger. In that vein, whether House of ZKA fails or succeeds is superfluous, as it is an obsessive act of a combination of temporary biases that are being sought to their maximum potential.



Jai & Jai Gallery, based in Los Angeles, was founded in 2012 by sisters, Jomjai and Jaitip. Jai & Jai Gallery focuses on maintaining a trans-disciplinary program by working with and exhibiting the works of both emerging and contemporary architects & artists. Alongside curated exhibitions of relevant, contemporary work, the undercurrent mission of Jai & Jai Gallery is to engage in and cultivate discussions that lie within the intersection of art and architecture. The fresh perspectives of the gallery exhibitors reveal disparate influences and practices but share a common affinity for pushing the boundaries of theory, fabrication, and representation through art, architecture, and design.

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