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1: What is Camp Lightbulb purpose?
To create a fun environment for LGBTQ youth that allows them to be carefree and connect with peers while challenging them to grow and step out of their comfort zone.

2: What made you decide to create this environment?
We saw that there was a need for LGBTQ youth to have a space they could share with their peers and let their guard down and just have fun and let loose.

3: What do you hope to achieve by having this summer camp?
We hope to cultivate a group of LGBTQ youth that will step up to the plate and have done what Marsha P Johnson did by throwing the brick through the window.

4: Are you hoping to expand in the future, where are you already located?
Yes, we are really pushing to expand our camp to the west coast as well as set up day camp options that can pop up in cities across America. We are currently in LA, New York, and Provincetown MA

5: How do you reach out to new potential clients? Are you associated with brands/companies/etc…?
We do that typical mail out marketing to PFLAG and LGBTQ Centers across the country as well as our partnerships with Rebecca Minkoff and Pfizer.

6: Do you think camps should be exclusive to gay or straight kids or do you hope for a camp one day where both can enjoy themselves?
Well, the dream is to eventually have a space that is a mix of both, but at this current time, we think it is best that it is just LGBTQ kids so help build them up and give them the confidence to go out into the world a confident strong person.

7: What was your best camping experience?
Our best experience is seeing the kids that arrive at camp in shells and watching them slowly open up and sometimes become the loudest kid at camp.

8: You mentioned you had 2 fundraisers coming up this summer, how can our readers help you in reaching your goals? What are the fundraisers for?
Yes, we have our pool party coming up on August 4th. For more details, see our website: Your readers can also always donate on our website: As an organization, we do a very good job of running a very lean budget so fundraisers help us run our daily expenses and help us bank finances for the following years camps; the more we raise now the better camp can be next year.

Questions for previous campers:
1: How did you hear about Camp Lightbulb? Were your parents okay with it?
I actually heard about Camp Lightbulb through my parents. Once I had fully come out to them, they wanted to help me find a place that I would be surrounded by like-minded people and I would be able to grow my community.

2: Most memorable experience camping?
Some of my most memorable experiences at camp have been some of the most simple. One specifically that stands out was going back to a specific spot on a pier in P-Town with a few friends and just being able to sit there and talk with each other while we watched the sunset. The camp has curated some of my fondest memories.

3: Do you feel Camp Lightbulb helped you grow more into yourself as an individual and make you feel less alone?
I think that having a resource such as Camp Lightbulb has really given me the opportunity to meet people who are similar to me in a lot of ways and it is a very empowering feeling to know that no matter how different you may be, there are people out there for you.

4: What do you hope for the future of Camp Light Bulb?
I hope that the future holds an abundance of positive growth for Camp Lightbulb. The things and opportunities that the camp offers to campers is so invaluable and I hope that so many more people are able to experience it.

Written by Manon Manoeuvre

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