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I would like to share some thoughts spotlighting the current spotlight on the NFL spotlighting the SF 49ers whom are spotlighting the quarterback Kaepernick who himself is spotlighting what?

First amendment ?

Race issues?

Himself, perhaps, using this as a platform? No, I personally doubt that.

The President and his own spotlighted or spotlights ?

Or maybe some cause of NFL as the League or maybe even Kaepernick’s owner! That’s right owner, not boss or supervisor or commandant. No, no– clearly OWNER, and with that comes ownership rights, which are what we’ll examine: What rights, reservations, and exceptions does an owner have? Correct, he has all the rights, and because of this the network is next to have all the rights the FCC absolutely has the right to the right to rights of all those mentioned here but not limited to.

So with all of this in mind isn’t it safe to say the messenger, Kaepernick, whom is being portrayed as the Marta the fearless fed up, tired of all this $$$ 26million a year salary and all this discrimination and oppressive bullshit handed down by ” THE MAN.” Or is this messenger just an overpaid glorified? Malato (which is a significant fact in which we must consider especially when the new color or race is seemingly the no distinct line of conclusive ethnicity distinction).

Perhaps he is one of the many faces being spotlighted to spotlight the New Unified possible One World Order and its trendy and ever so apparent Malato colored, emerged race and its many representatives and spokespeople placed everywhere in our entertainment industry and fashion and obviously the music industry and, oh yes, sports industry as well politics all the way up to the Presidency itself.

Look, to say the least, there is a lot more going on here; more than meets our eyes on Sunday as the spotlight is on NFL and it league’s owners, their teams, and big gladiators, still reminiscent of the days of the Pharaoh, whom was confronted by his counsel regarding the people being unhappy and not at rest.

Obviously, the great Pharaoh had a plan, and that plan was to distract the peoples, which he did by building the first coliseum where Pharaoh had the spotlight on the big black slaves going against the lions(no pun intended).

How’s that for a distraction?

Look, I am all for “The Good Fight”– the empowerment of any human beings of any race creed and color and obviously, religion and sexual gender or preference whom are oppressed and discriminated against!

But before I applaud Kaepernick or his bold stance and his statement I (we) don’t have enough info nor facts.

I remember what my mother told me and her mother told her and that is, “Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see!!!”

So before we let this polarizing discussion make enemies out of people who are our brothers and sister, let’s stop and think. Who’s benefiting from this? We have a lot to focus on, and our corporate overlords are the only ones benefiting from having the people divided over arbitrary distinctions.

The only way we can solve any real problems isn’t by spotlighting what’s being spotlighted for us already.

We need to collectively shine the spotlight on true oppression and only then can we overcome all the bullshit thrown our way.

was written by Griffin, and he is one not a collective.

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