Meet Your LGBTQ Candidates

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Author: V. Chuidian

The 2016 election year is truly unique in its candidates and their electoral strategy. While many of the Presidential Debates seem to focus on more name-calling and less on policy, there is one positive: the apparent realization that attacking the LGBTQ community is neither productive nor successful. In addition, there are a number of LGBTQ candidates running for positions on both the state and federal level. One first-time candidate, Misty Snow, is one of two transgender women running for for federal office.

31-year-old Snow is the Democratic candidate for senate from Utah. She is not using her role in the LGBTQ community as the main platform for her campaign. She has not been endorsed by the popular political action committees that are known to push funds towards LGBTQ candidates. Instead, Snow’s claim to visibility relies in part from organizations that have supported ex-Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.

What does Misty stand for? In addition to inspiring others in the transgender community that any possible limits to achieving political success can be overcome, she stands for several main goals. Her platform includes pro-marijuana legalization, Wall Street reform, and separating money from politics.

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