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Media: One of the most destructive forces in the United States, and also one of our most powerful tools. The whitewashed, heteronormative, and misogynist narratives that dominate advertising, TV, movies, and popular music have concrete effects, ranging from internalized racism and homophobia to body dysmorphia and suicide.

And yet, the flip side of media is that it is increasingly accessible to everyone. From self-produced Youtube videos and Soundcloud EPs, to independent movies and zines, creators can interrupt the toxic stories that inundate us every day. That’s the beauty of independent film festivals like Outfest, an event that showcases queer-themed movies and videos.

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans characters are becoming increasingly present in mainstream media. Nevertheless, they’re often white, stereotypical, and killed off early on in their stories, as noted by a variety of LGBTQA+ commentators. It isn’t enough for mainstream media to include warped versions of us in their stories. Outfest is one of those events that attempt to address this problem by celebrating queer films that educate at the same time that they entertain.

2014 Outfest @ The Orpheum


There are as many LGBTQA+ stories as there are LGBTQA+ people–more, even. The more that queer creators are able to gain visibility and screen time, the more our culture can begin to understand the infinite complexity of gender and sexuality.

This year, the LGBT Sentinel is a proud sponsor of Outfest and passionate supporter of all the filmmakers, artists, and community members involved in the festival this year. Please come and let these visual stories entertain and enlighten you- please share 🙂

Outfest will run in L.A. from July 6th through the 16th. Tickets are available at: http://www.outfest.org/

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