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Everyone knows life during quarantine has been a challenge. Things we used to do and people we used to see have been limited so to the Coronavirus. And on top of that, a lot of us (including myself) aren’t working. So we have to manage our time with activities

and projects just to keep our sanity. I hope you’ve all been proactive during your time these past months. Here’s a dive into my life into quarantine.

1.ALCOHOL- I’m not going to lie to you folks, alcohol has been a true companion in these hard times. Nothing beats a night with cheap wine and Netflix. Drink responsibly 😉

2.NETFLIX- Wine and Netflix, Netflix and Chill whatever you want to do Netflix will always be a great time consumer. This also includes Hulu and Disney+ of course. Binge a good show, watch a great film, just dive into the beautiful world of cinema and step out of reality. Suggestions for shows: BLACK SUMMER, BROAD CITY, HIGH FIDELITY, LUCIFER, END OF THE F****N WORLD, and the list goes on.

3.DANCE- Whether it’s dancing in my kitchen, to shuffling to virtual raves, or online classes, movement is therapy. So for me it’s dance. For others it can be cardio or swimming, hiking, etc. for me it’s dance 💃🏾

4.NATURE- of course with COVID restrictions and rules, nature can be your best friend. Nature is the s**t. So if you can find a hiking trail that is open or a body of water whether it’s a lake or the beach, get outside and get that vitamin D. Even if it’s a nice walk in your neighborhood. I’ve actually made friends with neighbors thanks to quarantine…. PS. Be aware of the heat! It’s hot out so stay hydrated.

5.HOBBIES- try a new hobby! Dabble into the arts a little. Try something you’ve never done before. Personally I’ve tried to cook more and practice new recipes. Also tried skateboarding (I suck at it), home workouts, meditation and affirmations, and actually got back into an old hobby of sketching. Just open your mind to something new

6.ABSOLUTELY NOTHING- this is important. It’s okay to do nothing sometimes. It’s okay to rest, it’s okay to reset, it’s okay to escape your overwhelming mind and do absolutely nothing. I’m definitely an “overthinker” so my mind is always in 10 different places at once. It’s okay to take a breather for a second. Some days don’t have to be so proactive and productive and that is perfectly normal.

That’s how my quarantine have been. A lot of great dancing, great shows, great hikes, lots and lots of liquor and a bunch of nothing! Hope a lot of you can relate and let us know what you’ve been up to. 😊✌🏾

Written by lala

Instagram: lala_official_baby_

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