Will America Reopen?

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remember being able to walk freely with no masks an no worries. Or simply hugging my love ones an shaking new hands an meeting new friends. Going out freely to group gatherings an such. But I feel since, COVID-19 all that has changed. The pandemic I feel has put a hold on life an civilization.

But my question is when will we reopen? When will we go back to what we called life as we knew it. When will the unemployed be employed again? Because as of right now life is on an standstill. I feel now we have cope with what life was to what life is now.

“ Allegedly” Your President Trump has unveiled Guidelines for Opening Up America Again, a three-phased approach based on the advice of public health experts. These steps will help state and local officials when reopening their economies, getting people back to work, and continuing to protect American lives.

(CNN) Claims: President Donald Trump now knows the price of the haunting bargain required to reopen the country — tens of thousands more lives in a pandemic that is getting worse not better.

It’s one he now appears ready to pay, if not explain to the American people, at a moment of national trial that his administration has constantly underplayed.

Depressing new death toll projections and infection data on Monday dashed the optimism stirred by more than half the country taking various steps to reopen an economy that is vital to Trump’s reelection hopes and has shed more than 30 million jobs. Stay-at-home orders slowed the virus and flattened the curve in hotspots like New York and California, but they have so far failed to halt its broader advance, leaving the nation stuck on a grim plateau of about 30,000 new cases a day for nearly a month.

Despite those projections, two administration officials told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins the latest numbers are not currently expected to affect the White House’s plans for reopening the country.

New evidence of the likely terrible future toll of Covid-19 came on a day when Trump stayed out of sight — his wild briefings that hurt his political prospects now paused — meaning he could not be questioned on his enthusiasm for state openings in the light of new evidence.

But in an interview published in Tuesday’s edition of the New York Post, Trump said Americans were ready come out of isolation and get back to normal life.

But in my opinion we seen the looks of that so my question stand, “will we be able to officially reopen. Because of right now we’re not safe an the death toll an COVID-19 cases are still rising, Only time will tell.

Wear Your Mask, Practice Social Distancing An Be Safe.

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